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(ノ❀◕ヮ◕)ノ~『✧~*Hey, it's Darry. I'm a fifteen year old bisexual sophomore who likes boys, bands, and Tommy Hilfiger. I am bright, cheerful, and friendly. I am usually everyone's go-to buddy because everyone sees me to be a kind and bubbly addition to their lives, and value my optimism. I am also extremely inquisitive and tend to experience intense wanderlust, always feeling as if I am missing out from some great adventure. I see the positive in everything. Life is a game to me, and nothing is to be taken to seriously.*~✧』 Follo me on the Instagram I never update: @sirdarry
Jennifer made me go on The Black Hole at Wet’N’Wild! 😱😱😥
"You don’t follow your passion, you bring it with you."
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Endless by jayalvarrez

s u r f ~ v i s i o n s

turnerofficial i can explain (no i cant)


*listens to MGMT*
*sheds tear behind holographic alien sunglasses* 

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Remember back in 5th grade, when everyone vowed not to ever do drugs

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YOU need NOT to hide yourself for what you are or love!!!http://gay-love-is-beautiful.tumblr.com/

Red squirrel covered in snow.
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